Michael Sherman Studio

I am an artist and teacher working on my craft. 

I find comfort in exploring the combined expression of a place; how a person , an environment, or a thing can tell the history of place. 

I am a New York City based painter. 

Studio News

In Process
Heads Project: Just finished drawing 730 of 1000.  

Website:  Works area on this site is being overhauled- Check back soon.

For studio shots and info about technique and process see me on instsgram.

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In the Classroom 

I am an artist who's teaching practice is an extension of my studio practice. I work with all age groups and skill levels and focuses mostly on creative learning for seniors and skill-based public art projects.

Teaching schedule
May 2021:

Every Monday @ 92nd St Y
Oil Painting (in person)
9:45-12:15  &

Every Tuesday @ 92nd St Y
Painting & Compostion (zoom)
Digital Drawing (zoom)

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Reading and Inspiration

“The right use of color can make any compostion work.”
- Fairfield Porter

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Michael Sherman Studio
New York City