I am an artist and teacher.

I paint people, places, and things.  I find comfort in the exploration of how a person, or an environment, or an object can tell a combined history.  I make remnants and heirlooms left to tell our collective story. And ask what will be our future heirlooms? And what story should they tell of the present?

I am a New York City based painter.  

Studio News

In Process
Updated Work page - with loads of new work available for purchase and/or exhibiting. 
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Heads Project: Just finished drawing 730 of 1000.
Reading and Inspiration
“The right use of color can make any compostion work.”
- Fairfield Porter

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I illustrated two picture books now available on Amazon. Check them out here, including sample art.

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Also check out the North West Review:  They publish and support storytellers, poets and artists and have been very supportive of my 1000 head project.

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In the Classroom
I teach all age groups and skill levels, see current class schedule below.

Oil Painting - for all levels
Mondays in person @ 92 NY
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Procreate - iPad digital drawing
Workshops @ 92 NY
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Private Lessons
Drawing and Painting available.

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Michael Sherman Studio
New York City