1000 Heads Project

'Meta-morphic',  is a series of 1000 head drawings in lithographic crayon on paper. (Currently 813 finished)

Each head is drawn in one sitting from a reference taken from one of the many digital archives all over the world. I'm drawing ancient objects, vessels to the past. They are objects and people. They carry marks of geology, creativity, institutions, politics, stewardship, media, and technology. They tell stories of love and pain, of victory and defeat, of stoicism and heroism. These are the collective markers of humanity.

This project is about capturing a singular representation of humanity in the minds eye of the viewers.  It is about asking the eye to not just see 1000 individual heads, but to look at them together side by side, to compare them. Then to feel some new sense for the past and present, the individual versus the collective, informing new markers for our sense of our humanity.

Michael Sherman Studio
New York City