Painting for me is a visual experience. Looking, the act of seeing, is a simple, unifying primal experience: light comes through the eyes and we react.

While reference imagery, collage, and memory influence what I make, so do instinctual reactions to what I see as I paint. Whatever I'm reading or thinking about - whether science, history or archaeology - informs what I make. The unpredictable ways in which materials - watercolor, oil, inks - react or are applied fuels the making process. Each new discovery leads into the next. The process is both organic and intentional. I put myself in the center of having and creating this visual experience, yet ultimately my aim is to get out of the way so that someone else can have their own unique visual experience.

Kitchen Warmup

A series of warmups on paper mostly done in around the kitchen table. 

Explore the warmups, drag pages with your mouse. ︎

Michael Sherman Studio
New York City